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Need more ideas to keep the children occupied? Want some more family project inspiration? Head into the garden using this guide from Thrive Ambassador Annabelle Padwick.
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'We are all in a really weird time right now, trying to figure out a new routine and juggling more than we are used too, mentally and physically.

'So, I wanted to share a few fun ideas and activities that you could try at home with the children or task them with whilst you juggle that work conference call, just hoping that they don’t run in and start making noises in the background.


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'Head to your garden, outside communal space or local paths and see what pieces of fallen nature you can find. Leaves, flowers, seed pods and bark are a few key things to look out for! Collect them up in a bag or basket then head back indoors.

'It’s time to make your own piece of art! Grab some paper and glue, then see what picture you can make! Perhaps try create a giant flower or a nature scene? Or you can simply display them and name them. Don’t have paper or glue, it doesn’t matter! Just make your design straight on to a surface and take a photo.


Annabelle kids activities

'Sow your favourite seeds in a DIY container on the windowsill. DIY containers are great for smaller veg and herbs such as basil, salad leaves, rocket, cress and spinach. See what you have available or if you don’t have any at home, seed companies are still delivering.

'You can use many household objects to make a container such as an egg shell, jam jar, empty tin, egg carton and plastic bottle. The jar, egg carton and tin can be used straight away with the lid off, then just cut the top of the egg shell and plastic bottle. Fill with soil or compost, whichever you have to hand, then get sowing! Decorate the container for some added fun and don’t forget to create a label so you don’t forget what you have seeds you have planted.



'All you need for this activity is a piece of paper and a pen. Start by writing A – Z down the side of the page, doing 1 letter per line. For example:




'When completed, try think of a least one fruit or vegetable that starts with each letter of the alphabet and write these down. So, for ‘A’, perhaps Apple? When you can’t think of any more answers, try fill the gaps with feelings or emotions. An example is ‘A’ – Anxious or ‘H’ – Happy.

'This activity may seem basic but it is fantastic for distracting and calming the mind. It is also a great way to start conversations about different foods and importantly, emotions. You can extend this activity by simply changing the theme of fruit and veg to something else, perhaps book characters or animals.



'Head in to the garden or use your one hour of daily exercise to go for a hunt! How many plants and wildlife can you find? You can get a point for each one on the list.

1. Bird

2. Grass

3. Log

4. Animal footprints

5. Butterfly

6. Water

7. Green leaves


9. Bee

10. Tree

11. Squirrel

12. Insect

13. Flower

14. Something red

15. Mushroom

16. Spider web

17. Dandelion

18. Twig

19. Something rough to touch

20. Feather

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You can discover many more fun activities to do at home or in the garden in Annabelle’s new children’s book ‘YOU CAN grow your own food’, available to pre-order now on Amazon.

The super interactive, fun book is written and designed for children to learn everything about growing their own food. It is also great for adults who want a really simple guide with some added tracking charts, games and colouring in. 'YOU CAN grow your own food' will be in all major book shops from the 11th June.

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