Joe Lycett with Thrive staff
Joe Lycett visited Thrive Birmingham in Kings Heath to donate plants from his recent show.

Comedian Joe Lycett recently finished his comedy tour 'How Do You Lycett?' where he replicated his garden on stage. Amongst other topics, he talked about his passion for gardening.

Joe's love of gardening is no great secret. In recent years he has spoken out frequently about the joy of gardening, encouraging others to take part through his social media channels. He was even featured on Gardeners' World where Carol Klein received a tour of his back garden.

I just started to experiment in lockdown and was amazed at how much joy I got out of it and how enriching it is to take something you've nurtured, walk a few paces into the kitchen, cook it and eat it. I find it one of the great things in life.

Joe Lycett on growing vegetables

As a local to our centre in Birmingham, Joe Lycett has known of our charity for some time, and thought that there would be no better home for the plants from his replica garden.

He dropped off 3 car loads worth of plants in person, which were welcomed with open arms by our staff and volunteers. He showed a genuine interest in our work and was keen to more about how we support people's wellbeing using gardening.

Joe was particularly interested as he himself has observed the difference gardening has had on his own mental health. He sees the garden as a place of solace for him and particularly enjoys the feeling that he is nurturing something.

In lockdown particularly, it was just such a solace, such a useful thing for my mental health really. A thing to focus on that felt productive and positive and endlessly fascinating, that also seemed to immediately soothe me.

Joe Lycett

We have invited Joe back to visit us again sometime and look forward to seeing him again. We are hugely appreciative of the effort he made to bring us the plants and thoroughly enjoyed the time we were able to spend with him.

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