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Thrive is offering a route map to wellbeing for anyone who has been left low by lockdown.

Since it was launched a year ago, hundreds of people have already benefited from our free tool which explores how to use gardens and the great outdoors for better health.

Many of us will recognise how gardens have saved us from anxiety and worry but as fears rise of a mounting mental health crisis as a result of the pandemic, we know there’s many more who can potentially benefit from time in green spaces.

That’s why our Cultivating Wellbeing in Gardens and Nature course is free.

'Highly recommended'

It sets out not only to show how and why gardens and nature improves our wellbeing but outlines how you can make it a more regular and influential part of your daily life.

People who have used Cultivating Wellbeing have given it a 98 per cent satisfaction rating and made positive comments such as: ‘A course which costs nothing apart from finding some time to self-indulge and cultivate our wellbeing – Perfect! Highly recommended.’

If you fancy trying Cultivating Wellbeing in Gardens and Nature for yourself or know someone who could benefit, clicking on this link is the next step to take.