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Elle, owner of Elle’s Cottage based in Springfield Missouri, is supporting Thrive through the sale of her handmade products.

We’d like you to meet Elle, who has felt first-hand how gardening can make great differences to our lives. Elle came across Thrive whilst looking for gardening charities to support and was so impressed with our work that she decided she would help change lives with gardening from across the pond! Elle's Cottage donate a portion of the sale of their beautiful handmade products to Thrive.

Here’s what Elle had to say about why she chose to support Thrive:

"There’s something so restorative about a garden. The rich smell of earth, the soft touch of a flower petal, the trickling sound of water—it’s a breath of heaven breathing life back into our lungs. That’s what gardens have been for me through life’s bright (and dark) days. As someone who deals with mental illness, I’ve always found comfort in nature, but when a chronic illness flared up and I found myself in a wheelchair with little hope of getting out of it, it became a lifeline.

Some of my darkest days were when I experienced intense chronic pain & could move very little. When I couldn’t even do this, I spent a great deal of time planning my future garden. I dreamt of ways to make it beautiful, accessible, and enjoyable. Thank the Lord, I eventually recovered from those days of illness, but I still take great solace in the beauty of a garden."

I took great comfort in the moments I spent outside or in a garden.

"I used to think that I had to do something big with my life to make a difference—that I had to save the world. But as I’ve experienced life, I’ve found it’s the small things that are the most powerful. I found the great hope there is to discover within a simple smile, a single flower, or in the sunrise. To me, beauty itself is proof of God’s goodness and that gives me the ultimate hope. The beauty we find in a garden is all encompassing—from sight and smell, to touch and sound. Where there is a garden, there is beauty, there is the promise of the future, and there is hope for us, no matter our circumstances."

As you cultivate a garden or are still in your dreaming stages, I wish you find beauty in every moment and the bright hope that awaits you.

We are always so grateful for the support we receive from local companies and even those that are far away. If, like Elle, you feel that your company can help use gardening to make a difference to thousands of lives every year, please get in touch with the fundraising team today on 0118 988 5688 or by email on fundraising@thrive.org.uk.

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