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By David Domoney

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts, sometimes you need an inspiration boost to think of ideas to buy for your loved ones.

To take some of the hard-work out of it, here are some fantastic festive gifts that will fill you and the recipient with Christmas cheer.

Poinsettias are a Christmas classic, used in centrepieces with bold effect with their red star-shaped bracts.

However, be mindful of this cheery-looking plant because cold blasts of air can harm them. For this reason, when taking them home or transporting them, lightly cover them so they don’t catch a chill.

Keep them positioned in a spot with bright but unfiltered light. Water them when the soil dries out, but once flowering is done, keep the compost dry.

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Avoid giving poinsettas a chill. Photo: Samantha Jean/Unsplash

Schlumbergera (Christmas cactus) get their common name due to their flowering period from late November to late January.

They’re easy to care for, making them a great gift for a houseplant beginner. They’re also easy to propagate, so cuttings of your own plant can be potted up individually to gift to your loved ones, which makes the gift that little bit more sentimental too.

Position them in a spot with bright but indirect sunlight and these plants will produce the best blooms. Water when the top of the compost dries out and during the growing season, feed them every other week.

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The Christmas cactus can flower well into the new year. Photo: Schwoaze/Pixabay

For something a little different, give a dried flower arrangement which have had a resurgence in popularity in interior design.

The bronze tones of pampas grass combined with the grey-green, rounded leaves of eucalyptus has a wonderful effect. Then, finish with a pop of yellow of Solidago (golden rods) that will also bring texture to the mix. Displayed in a patterned jug or vase is a great way of adding even more charm to your interior.

Why choose one plant when you can create a festive themed basket filled with Christmas coloured plants?

Fill the container with a classic red rose, a red Kalanchoe, and poinsettia, then contrast with the white spathes of a Spathiphyllum (peace lily). Finish off with the green and white foliage of Hedera (ivy) that will add texture as it cascades out of the basket.

The wonderful thing about giving plants as gifts is that they’re gifts that stick around, as long as they’re given the right care.

Whether you’re gifting to a budding enthusiast or gardening expert, there are plants and gifts to give that they will bring them joy this Christmas.

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