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There are plenty of good looking, low-maintenance plants out there which make your garden look really striking but don’t take too much time to care for.

1. Forsythia


The easy-going shrub, Forsythia, has a lot to offer your springtime garden.

The bright buttery yellow is one of the first pops of colour you’ll see come spring.

If you’ve got the space, you can just let it grow and it will create an impressive feature with its vibrant shows. However, you can also clip it back into hedging if you prefer a trim, tidy and trained approach.

Opting for colourful plants like this or Buddleja, which displays a variety of colour options from summer through to autumn, has been proven to release happy brain chemicals like Dopamine.

Also incorporating flowering shrubs like these means you'll attract butterflies to your garden.

2. Sunflowers

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According to the Mental Capital and Wellbeing report by the Government Office for Science, through growing plants, we have front row seats to observe changes, development and take note of beautiful sights and sounds.

This is immeasurably good for our wellbeing.

Sunflowers tick these boxes because they grow quickly, up to four metres in height over the course of just a year, and attract pollinators to provide a hive of activity for us to witness.

Once they’re done, you get the enjoyment of harvesting seeds to grow more plants or leaving the seeds in place for birds to enjoy.

According to the NHS, this ever-changing growing process, which shifts with the seasons, is really rewarding and leads to feelings of self-esteem, hope and purpose.

3. Veg and herbs


Your garden doesn’t have to be all about ornamentation in order for it to be low-key.

Many productive plants are just as beautiful and give you plentiful harvests too. I love the purple-stained stalks of beetroot—these look great and the benefit to our health is that we gain access to high-nutritional crops on cue.

The same can be said for herbs simply growing on a windowsill. The crinkly leaves of parsley or flowering thyme look fantastic and you get to enjoy the flavours in your home-cooked dishes.

Peas are a fuss-free crop that offers colourful flowers and climbing types will grow up fences, sprawl through hedges, or over banks, which is ideal for plots with limited space. So do fruit baskets such as currants, gooseberries and blueberries.

Pepper in these prosperous plants and you’ll get the feel-good factor in your garden with a fuss-free approach.

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