Crisp packets
Crisps are the UK’s favourite snack with 93 per cent of households consuming them over the past year.

Clearly that’s a lot of plastic that could end up at the tip, so our ears pricked up when we heard they can be recycled and turned into products like shoes and watering cans.

Over a period of a year, with help from Thrive Reading staff, client gardeners and their families, we managed to collect 7,500 crisp packets which would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

Crisp recycling
Client gardeners Chris, Aaron and Josh with another box of crisp packets ready to be sent off for recycling

The plastic packets were then sent to Terracycle who separate them by plastic type and turn them into plastic pellets to make new recycled products

They also reward our efforts by donating us money, so overall it’s a win for the environment and a win for us.

Thanks to everyone who has donated their packets!

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