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Information about coronavirus guidance for our centres and operations

Thrive recognises its responsibility for the health, safety and wellbeing of its clients, volunteers and staff.

Following the latest government announcement on the easing of restrictions from 19th July 2021, we will continue to do everything practicable under the current guidance to continue to minimise the risk of infection and keep everyone safe from Covid-19 at our centres.

What is happening in relation to social distancing?

From 19th July we will no longer have strict social distancing measures in place at our centres. However, despite this measure being lifted most bubbled groups will remain and we will continue to strongly encourage everyone to refrain from close contact with others.

Actual physical contact remains strongly discouraged within our settings and it is vitally important to help reduce the spread of the virus unless required in relation to an emergency situation e.g providing First Aid.

One-way directional systems will no longer be in place.

We will continue to highly encourage good hygiene practices. Infection control measures such as hand sanitising stations will remain in place.

It is important to remember that the majority of our time at Thrive is spent outdoors wherever possible. The risk of the virus spreading is higher indoors.

What is the position regarding face coverings at the centres?

There will be no legal requirement to wear a face covering at the centres. However, in line with the latest government advice, we highly recommend that those who are able to wear a face covering, should continue to do so within any indoor spaces at the centres.

We will continue to ventilate rooms as far as possible and encourage outside working and taking breaks outside subject to limitations caused by events such as adverse weather.

What is the organisations position in relation to testing for COVID-19?

Our operating procedure in relation to regular testing for COVID-19 remains unchanged following the lifting of restrictions. This is a vital measure to support the safety of everyone attending a Thrive centre.

At-home Coronavirus testing for all Client Services staff and volunteers continues in line with best practice guidance for Local Authorities for ‘day care’ settings, to protect both the service users and the service providers and to prevent and control the spread of the virus by identifying asymptomatic cases. All volunteers will be contacted with information about the required testing in relation to their attendance at Thrive.

We will continue to highly recommend and encourage all of our client gardeners and those attending a Thrive centre to undertake their own weekly testing for Covid-19.

We understand that some individuals who attend a Thrive programme may not be able to undertake a test. You can still come to Thrive even if you do not to take a test.

What is the organisation's position in relation to vaccination for COVID-19?

Thrive will continue to actively encourage staff, volunteers and clients to engage with the government’s vaccination programme.

What happens if you have a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 at a centre?

We have a clear and consistent operating procedure should this situation occur. This procedure is in place to ensure the safety and support of the individual as well as the wider Thrive community.

We will work closely with the local authority public health protection team and NHS track and trace.

I have concerns about Transport as restrictions lift, what should I do?

Should you have any concerns about your transport arrangements you will need to speak to your transport provider directly and ask for details of any updated procedures following the easing of restrictions. You can find guidance for safer travel on public transport here.

If you have any further questions about these changes please contact your local Thrive centre team.

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