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Find out how we're affected by and responding to the coronavirus outbreak.

Updated 9th April

Client programmes and centres

We are very pleased to be reopening our gardens and centres on Monday 12th April in line with the government roadmap for easing lockdown. Nearly all our client gardeners will be back in the gardens over the next week. For the small number unable to return we will continue to offer remote support with activities to do at home.

In preparation for this restart, we have again reviewed and updated our risk framework to ensure that we remain as safe and effective as possible and have taken on board all the latest advice and guidance from the government and HSE. We have also been getting advice from our Local Authorities who are supportive of us reopening on 12th April. As part of the updated procedures, all our frontline staff and volunteers now have access to weekly PCR tests, adding an additional layer of safeguard to our operations.

We have received many enquiries from potential new client gardeners and would encourage anyone interested in joining a social and therapeutic horticulture programme with Thrive to contact us via info@thrive.org.uk.

Further updates will be posted here when we have them. Stay up to date with our work by signing up to our monthly e-news or follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and understanding. We are incredibly grateful to the support of our volunteer garden teams who have kept things under control during the past few months and for the patience shown by all our clients, volunteers and staff during this time.


Please note we are experiencing a high volume of interest to volunteer at our 3 centres and are currently limited with our recruitment of new volunteers. We encourage those wishing to volunteer with us to register their interest.

If you are an existing volunteer, we'll be in touch with you directly to make arrangements for your return or to work remotely where appropriate.

How we've supported client gardeners remotely during the pandemic

We created an online resource used to connect Thrive's horticultural therapists and clients, so they can continue sessions remotely and still benefit from social and therapeutic horticulture, whilst remaining safely at home.

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Training and Education

Whilst we are still not able to offer face-to-face social and therapeutic horticulture training courses, we now have two blended learning courses for you to access, both running on a regular basis - 'Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Practice' and ‘Introduction to STH Practice’. You can also access our other exciting and engaging online courses on our Thrive Learn website. Anyone with training enquiries should email training@thrive.org.uk

Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Practice

This course provides the key skill set for Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) Practice and will consider the fundamental approaches and role of the practitioner within different settings and working with different groups of people.

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Thrive Gardening Club

In response to the crisis, we launched a new free resource to help people keep well. Delivered straight to your email box, the Thrive Gardening Club offers fortnightly tips to get the most out of your own garden.

It includes tips to help you garden if you have a disability or long-term health condition, activities for children, and plenty of information about how gardening can keep you healthy and feeling well.

And if you don’t have your own garden to enjoy, we’ll show you ways you can still access the benefits of connecting with nature.

You can sign up to the Thrive Gardening Club here.

Contacting us

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