Captain Tom challenge
Across the UK people are celebrating the amazing achievements of Captain Tom and fundraising for their favourite causes

The Captain Tom Foundation and Virgin Money Giving have partnered to encourage people to pay tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore on the weekend that would have been his 101st birthday.

The Captain Tom 100 challenge invites to take on a challenge around the number 100 and raise funds to help others.

In the Trunkwell gardens at Thrive Reading, client gardeners have been walking round a 100m route around our garden, which they are completing 100 times collectively! This comes almost exactly a year after Sir Tom did a similar challenge in his own garden.

Client gardeners taking on the 100m walk

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Ray Norton, Thrive ambassador and volunteer decided to go down a creative route for his challenge with 100 rhyming lines relating to Thrive.

We think it's a wonderful tribute to Captain Tom and Thrive - thank you Ray!

Ray's poem

Captain Tom said 'Tomorrow will be a good day'

Tom is the start of Tomorrow

He raised close to £40 million for charity which is totally amazing

A simple statement giving hope and inspiration

Action is required on loneliness and deprivation

At 100 years of age Tom encouraged social unification

The charity Thrive shares Captain Tom's ambition

We can celebrate 100 years in varied acts of repetition

With rhyme as the reason herewith a poetic aspiration

The sun is rising . Its so good to be alive.

Happiness joins in and to the latter we strive

It takes determination and drive

Sometimes we fail and nosedive

From your legs remove the gyve

It is time to rev up and go into overdrive

If insufficient then try hyperdrive

On your own you may need help. Ask Thrive

Nature can help you revive

You will never see a bee skive

Always busy back and forth to the hive

They dance to message but are yet to jive

So many birds bring joy as they skydive

Their songs delight even when from the archive

Flora and fauna are trusted friends of Thrive

Daffodils and Anemone announce spring will arrive

The days will lengthen allowing health to survive

Some spirited people will into cold water dive

A dubious pleasure we cannot deprive

People coming together is encouraged by Thrive

Three people in union have the strength of five

At harvest the tool of choice is the scythe

It can be used by a Smith or a Smythe

Take all tasks at face value and don't connive

In British India, there was a man named Clive

Honesty and empathy are important to Thrive

At times we need the security of a hythe

We can reflect and our future contrive

We can stem the flood of problems with a shive

Or take a side step, wriggle and writhe

Friends can help our difficulties shrive

Havens and community are fundamental within Thrive

Giving can create a feeling so blythe

We can divide and offer others a slive

A good option is to donate at least a tithe

In order to give, donations are also required by Thrive

Eat well in order to live well. Try an endive

Improve the flavour and add a chive

An appropriate diet can help you stay lithe

Growing food is a rewarding therapy used by Thrive

Nature produces bird song none better than a grive

Listen to the buzz generated around a beehive

Owls in the night converse echoingly soft and wise

Bats fly erratically seeking food with a dip and a dive

Getting close to nature is encouraged by Thrive

Creating harmony in the garden is a powerful enlivening activity

This is personal but can be shared within a social environment

Successes and failures can be shared with pride or humility

The telling can be advisory,amusing and create laughter

Information, techniques and humour are valued by Thrive

A synonym of to thrive is to bloom

An open flower can alleviate gloom

Growing from seed brings boom boom

Techniques can be shared presently on zoom

At a wedding the principal man is the groom

The creation of floral beauty is practised by Thrive

Another synonym of to Thrive is to succeed

Between finger and thumb you can sow a seed

Germination is a wonder to behold and sustain

Self confidence and self worth can also grow

It is important to feel at one with yourself and nature

Confidence and contentment are important to Thrive

Dementia conceals its depth and places the sufferer incognito

Thoughts flutter and rarely land denying fruitfulness

Despondency, annoyance, tiredness may precede sleep

Interruption is welcomed but not easily accomodated

Help is welcomed but not always easily accomodated

A gentle touch and a broad smile often lift the spirit

Visual recognition of the beauty of plants gives uplift and joy

Love, understanding and optimism are provided by Thrive

In Germany to Thrive is sich entwickelen

Und zusammen man kann besser bekommen

In France to Thrive is avoir du succes

Liberty Equality and Fraternity are in their heritage

In Italy to Thrive is avere successo

This is celebrated with a hot cappuccino

In Japan to Thrive is seiko suru tame ni

Japanese society shows this economically and socially

In Spain to Thrive is tener exito

Tener exito results from trabaja mucho

The world shares the sentiments valued by Thrive

The sun sets slowly filling the horizon with colour and warmth

The scale of the event is broad with limitless perspective

The universe lies beyond in apparent infinity

On reflection we are insignificant like a single star

However we contribute to the wonder of our planet and the universe

Tom believed that we are equally important

Our actions should align with the goal of equality in the world

You'll never walk alone

In Tom's memory, we can enjoy tomorrow and Thrive.

Ray Norton July 2019 2
Ray Norton

The client gardeners at Thrive London did a fantastic job of potting on 100 beans and 100 sunflower seeds. They are going to plant them in our gardens and sell some from our kiosk in Battersea Park.

Thrive London Captain Tom 100