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August has arrived and this third and final chapter of summer deserves to be savoured.

Now is the time to enjoy all the hard-won results of your labours, as well as the weather because from the end of the month, plant growth begins to slow.

But there are some low-key jobs that won’t detain you from your deckchair for long that will help keep your green space looking tip-top. They’ll also be a tonic for your physical and mental health too.

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Job 1 Keep roses flowering by removing flowers that have gone over. Regular deadheading will mean new blooms rather than the rose putting energy into producing seeds. Plus, it’s a good job to boost dexterity.

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Job 2 – Salad days aren’t over yet and there’s still time to sow crops like lettuce and radish to grow outside, which you could be eating into the autumn.

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Job 3 – Stop weeds taking valuable moisture and nutrients from your plants by despatching them with regular hoeing. As well as being aesthetically pleasing afterwards, it’s a satisfying job that produces quick results.

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Job 4 – Old lavender flowers should be snipped off on hardy varieties to encourage new growth and flowering next year.

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Job 5 – Remove yellowing leaves from tomato plants grown under glass to help prevent disease and to encourage air circulation.

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Job 6 – Water evaporates quickly at this time of year, so keep an eye on your pond to see if it needs topping up. Wildlife will appreciate it if you use collected rainwater.

Job 7 – Get sowing Christmas bulbs – yes, the end of this month to early September is when you need to get hyacinth bulbs planted if they are to flower for the big day. It’ll also give you something to look forward to during those dark winter days.

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