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Lawns are a fundamental part of the British gardening landscape in much the same way as fish and chips are a firm favourite in the national diet.

From now on until the autumn, caring for grass needs to step up a gear if a good-looking green carpet is desired.

Cut and mow

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The most obvious job now that grass is growing well is mowing. This should be done at least once a week but don’t let the mower blades go too low at this stage as it’s better to do that progressively as the weeks pass.

This particularly applies to lawns that have been newly sown which can have their first trim when the grass is about 5cm high.

Cutting weekly will encourage the growth of grass shoots lower down. This thickens up the sward and improves the overall health and look of your lawn.

Don’t forget to gather the clippings and use them in your compost if you can, but make sure they are well mixed with green waste to avoid a damp sludge developing.


Like any plants, grass needs feeding and fertilisers do the job. For an organic approach, blood, bone and fishmeal supplies nutrients such as nitrogen that aids strong growth and rich green colour, as well as phosphate that encourages root growth.

Wheeled distributors can ensure an even distribution of your feed and prevent any scorching of the grass due to applying too much.

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Weeds like lawns just as much as other parts of your gardens and daisies, dandelions and clover are common interlopers.

If you want a manicured look to your lawn, then getting these weeds out by the root will be needed. A daisy grubber can do the job. If bending or kneeling is an issue, there are tools to help pull weeds while standing.

Not everyone minds a few weeds in their grass though. Recently Monty Don earned headlines for suggesting gardeners shouldn't be so obsessive about having tidy lawns and that a less fussy approach can help insects and wildlife.

Other benefits

Whether you are relaxed or particular about how your lawn looks, there are wellbeing benefits that stem from tending to it.

Pushing a lawnmower is a cited by the NHS as moderate aerobic exercise. It offers a workout for arm and leg muscles and can consume 300-400 calories an hour, plus it’s an activity where you can mentally unwind and forget the pressures of the day.

And then when all that’s done, get a chair out, sit back, relax, and enjoy your handiwork.

You can change lives with gardening

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