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Communications specialist Sophy has over 30 years’ experience working as an editor for leading magazines, charities and academics.

She has always been interested in gardening, and in the 1990s she took a career break to study horticulture. ‘I think gardening must be in my blood,’ she says. ‘My grandfather’s family were horticulturalists in Sydney. I remember loving his garden in Berkshire when I was a child.’

After qualifying Sophy worked in a botanic garden and for private clients in London.

‘Gardening changed my life in so many ways,’ she says, ‘all of them good.’

It was while working in London that she first heard about Thrive. ‘I was intrigued by the link between horticulture and health,’ she says. ‘I wanted to get involved, but I was too busy at the time.’

For the past 15 years Sophy has been working as a senior editor in the not-for-profit sector for organisations including Shelter and the think-tank ODI. But she always kept an active interest in gardening, and her faith in green care continued to grow. ‘Once you’ve felt the healing power of gardening, you never go back,’ she says. ‘It’s like you’ve found the door to a new, healthier world. Gardening really is good for you.’

In 2018 she had the time to get involved at last, and she joined Thrive as a Trustee. ‘I am so pleased that I am finally able to make a contribution,’ she says. ‘It’s an exciting time for Thrive, and I look forward to making a difference.’