Jeremy Wright
Jeremy is a digital innovator with a strong communications background.

His early career was in publishing and broadcasting, going on to working in ad agencies.In the late 1990’s he was an early pioneer on the Web and became European MD of Engage, the US online ad network.

He then co-founded Enpocket to build one of the first mobile marketing and advertising platforms, sold to Nokia in 2007. At the same time, he was Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association, where he oversaw the creation of the first Code of Conduct for the industry. At Nokia Jeremy advised international brands on mobile strategy and developed location-based services.

Jeremy left Nokia in 2012 to start up, a location-based service for gardeners, built around a database of 21,000 plants, through which they can buy, sell and swap plants.

He believes passionately in the power of plants for helping health and wellbeing, and lives in hope that his own gardening efforts will one day do as much for theirs.