Got a question about Thrive? Here are some of our common enquiries and answers to them!

1. I have a question about training and consultancy

Please see our specific Training, Education and Consultancy FAQs.

2. Can I buy the equipment and tools featured on the Carry on Gardening website from Thrive?

We don’t sell the equipment and tools. For each of the products featured on the site we give a link to the manufacturer’s website so you can get more information and contact them if you can’t find a stockist in your local area. All the equipment and tools mentioned are available from good garden centres, garden shopping websites, hardware stores and, in a few cases, direct from the manufacturer.

3. What is the Carry on Gardening website for?

Carry on Gardening is for everyone who needs some extra help to start or continue gardening.You may have lived with a disability all your life or may be coping with new challenges such as physical or mental conditions caused by a stroke or an accident. Perhaps you are living with heart disease or perhaps you have back problems (so you can’t bend easily). You may have weak hands or only use one hand, perhaps you find walking difficult, or are losing your sight.

Whatever your disability, Thrive can help you find ways to start or continue gardening.

4. What information is available to help with setting up a therapeutic garden or gardening group?

'Gardening together’ is a comprehensive and colourful resource pack offering horticultural therapy and gardening activities for older people in sheltered accommodation. If you would like a copy please e-mail: info@thrive.org.uk

'Gardening 4U’ is a practical guide to setting up a gardening club for young people who have mental health issues. It is available here as a PDF.

5. How can I find out more about raised beds?

Thrive's leaflet, 'Raised Beds', has information on how to decide whether a raised bed is what you need, where to put a raised bed in your garden, different ways to construct the beds and what to grow.

Download a PDF of Thrive's leaflet 'Raised Beds''

If you are certain that a raised bed is what you need and are thinking of building a raised bed yourself, or need information to give to a professional contractor, Thrive's second leaflet 'How to Build Raised Beds', gives you more detailed information on different designs and methods of construction.

Download a PDF of Thrive's leaflet 'How to Build Raised Beds'

6. What gardening resources are available to people with sight loss?

Carry on Gardening has easier ways to do everyday gardening jobs using tried and tested gardening equipment and tools for people who have sight loss.There are also a range of publications available in large print, braille and audio, these are each full of useful tried and tested gardening techniques devised by people who have sight loss.

7. How can I train or retrain to be a horticultural therapist?

Thrive offers a number of ways for you to train in horticultural therapy. As an organisation we have over 30 years of experience and expertise in this area.

Careers in social and therapeutic horticulture from getting in to getting on.

Is a career in social and therapeutic horticulture for me?

8. How do I refer someone to one of your projects, or any of your programmes?

Visit our Regional centres and programmes page to find out about attending one of our centres

9. What resources can Thrive provide to help set up a sensory garden?

Our Sensory Gardens briefing sheet is for anyone who wants to know more about gardening for the senses. It includes advice on design and accessibility as well as a case study and contacts for further information.

Download the PDF here

10. How can I find out what garden projects are available in my area?

Thrive supports a large number of garden projects in the UK and we can put you in touch with a project in your local area. There are many different types of garden projects and they all use a garden setting and gardening activities to benefit people’s lives. Projects are located on allotments, in community gardens or at nurseries, hospitals and even prisons and may be run by paid staff and/or volunteers and helpers. The services and support offered varies according to the setting and needs of the disabled people attending the project. Contact us if you would like more information on garden projects or if you would like to find a project in your local area.

Please e-mail info@thrive.org.uk or call us on 0118 988 5688. These projects are all independent of Thrive so you will then need to contact them directly to discuss opportunities available.

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