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Life Changers is a programme for those living with life-changing health conditions to experience the joy of gardening at our centre in Beech Hill near Reading.
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Day: Tuesday each week

Time: 10.30 am-3.30 pm

Life Changers is a free four-month programme designed for those recovering from a stroke, cancer, surgery or living with long-term conditions like diabetes, multiple sclerosis or Long Covid to experience all the beneficial aspects of gardening from our Reading Centre.

The aim of this programme is to:

  • Improve energy and reduce depression and anxiety
  • Increase peer-to-peer support within the group
  • Increase confidence and reduce social isolation
  • Promote wellbeing and the health benefits of gardening
  • Give people the skills and knowledge to continue gardening after the programme has finished
  • Provide the participants with the skills and enthusiasm to continue gardening once they have finished their programme

Gardens offer peace and tranquillity, providing individuals with a space to find comfort and support, which can contribute to rehabilitation and recovery. The active practice of gardening and exposure to nature can provide numerous benefits, including improved mental well-being, physical health, and a sense of connection to the environment.

Recruitment to the programme is on a rolling basis with participants attending for 16 weeks before being signposted to further opportunities.

Our weekly sessions will be tailored to individual needs through gentle gardening to help improve health and well-being. Alongside each individual, the horticultural practitioner builds a set of gardening activities for each client gardener to improve their general health and wellbeing, and to work towards particular goals identified by the gardener, such as increasing stamina, mobility and balance, improving fine motor skills, increasing memory and information retention or strengthening muscles.

We provide specially adapted tools and equipment, along with access to glasshouses and tabletop gardening ensuring accessibility for all. Examples of activities include seed sowing, planting bulbs, pruning, weeding, and making hanging baskets. No prior gardening experience is required.

Would you or someone you know be interested in taking part?

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