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At Thrive, we want to help as many people as possible use gardening to support their health and wellbeing.

Research shows that gardening can be good for our health. We also have more than 40 years of experience seeing it first-hand, every day with the people we support through our Social & Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) programmes.

By sharing our knowledge freely, we want to reach as a wide a number of people as possible. Our Get Gardening information service is designed to help individuals use gardening and nature to improve health and wellbeing.

Through our advice, we:

  • Help make gardening easier, fun, and rewarding
  • Give practical suggestions so you can continue gardening if you have any health conditions
  • Get you started with gardening if you are new to it
  • Help you create a personal approach for using gardening to support your wellbeing
  • Give you ideas for using gardening to support someone you care for with health conditions

Take a look around the Get Gardening section of this website. You could choose an option from the “I want to …” box at the top. You can also filter based on specific health conditions and gardening topics of interest. This allows you to easily find articles that match your needs and interests.

The Get Gardening section of this website
The Get Gardening section of this website

You can also sign up to our Gardening Club. We will send regular e-newsletters with tips on what to do and enjoy in nature, along with fun quizzes and the odd gardening joke!

Visit Get Gardening and support your health and wellbeing

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