Recycling and gardening hacks
We asked for your best tips on ways to recycle things to make gardening materials and you did us proud with resourceful and innovative ideas.
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We'll keep updating this page with new hacks as they come in. If you have one you'd like to share, post it on Twitter using the hashtag #ThriveGardeningClub.

'I use egg boxes for seeds...they biodegrade too.' – Nicky

'I reuse the plastic packaging that fruit like blueberries and raspberries come in as little seed trays.' – Faith

'I upcycled old containers and a tea tray.' – Victoria

Trays Victoria

'We turn our empty milk bottle cartons into baskets and grow pea shoots.' – Mrs Dean Garden Projects

Plastic bottle

'Pretty much any container can be used as a pot. I’ve sown using egg boxes, milk cartons & these gourds in yoghurt pots.' – Jon

Yog pots

'I like making pots from paper for seed sowing. I find it also works well when transferring to a larger pot or bed, the whole thing can be picked up and moved, with minimal disturbance to the seedlings.' – Jennifer

Paper pots

'I cut up large square yogurt pots to make plant labels. You can write on them with permanent marker, and they aren't as brittle as bought plastic labels.' – Escleyside Gardening

'Clear plastic bottles make great plant labels!' – Cranbrook CCFG

Clear label

'I sometimes make my own plant labels with wooden lolly sticks!' – Dens Patch Seeds

Lolly label

'Two-litre milk bottles can be cut to make a superb compost scoop, or bird seed scoop. They also work if you cut them up to make plant labels. Smaller washed milk bottles are great for spray watering. Put a few small holes in the lid, fill bottle with water, replace the lid, sprinkler.' – Niki, The Two Fingered Gardener

'My husband thought of using our big clear storage tubs as a mini-greenhouse.... works dynamite; the clear top is easy to put on and off too as heat and humidity fluctuate.' – Elizabeth

Box greenhouse

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