Planting tulips 3
This guide shows you how to plant tulips, ideally to be grown in autumn.

Tulips are one of the most popular flowers we enjoy seeing pop up in the spring. The bulbs can be planted in autumn from mid-October but November is thought to be the optimum time as it reduces the risk of a fungal disease called tulip fire which is wiped out in colder weather.

  • A simple task that gives a sense of achievement despite little effort required
  • Provides great satisfaction to see new plants thrive
  • Once grown it can make for a wonderful gift
  • Planting tulips is a good opportunity to teach children the difference between bulbs and seeds and how they grow in different ways
  • This is a simple activity that can build confidence in a learner to go on and grow more plants
  • You might find it easier to plant out into raised beds, or containers that are permanently in place
  • If you are planting a new bed, lay your plants in their pots in the space first. Leave enough space for the plants to grow to their final size. Only plant small sections at a time, don’t rush to do everything at once
  • If planting in your preferred growing space involves digging, bending and lifting, make sure you take breaks when you feel tired
  • Use a bulb planter
Planting tulips 2
  1. Look through your bulbs and compost any that look unhealthy (e.g. damaged or mouldy)
  2. Dig a hole around 20cm deep, and as wide/long as necessary depending on how many bulbs you'd like to plant
  3. Place the bulbs in the hole leaving around 5-8cm between each one with the pointed end facing up
  4. Cover with soil or mulch if preferred
  5. Water well just one time

After these 5 steps, all you have to do is wait for spring. It's a wonderful moment when your tulips first emerge to enjoy the growing season!

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