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In this guide we will show you how to make this simple bird feeder at home using recycled items and some peanut butter.
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During winter, our feathered friends needs us more than ever to supply them with energy rich food to help get them through the winter months. Making a bird feeder is a fun activity that any member of the family can help with and it is a lovely way to help introduce them to the delights of watching birds visit your garden or balcony.

  • Cardboard roll
  • Peanut butter
  • Bird seed
  • String
  • Plate
  • Scissors
  • Knife

Step 1

This is the messy bit! Spread the peanut butter onto the cardboard roll using a knife. If your peanut butter is thick and a little tricky to spread, you may have to get your fingers messy and use them too. Make sure the peanut butter is spread thickly to cover the cardboard roll, otherwise the seed will not stick well.

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Step 2

Carefully scoop some bird seed onto a plate. The plate needs to be large enough to fit the cardboard roll on its side. Holding the cardboard roll at each end, gently push it into the birdseed and roll it back and forth until the peanut butter is well covered. You may need to use your hands to pick up and place seed onto the areas that don’t get covered well.

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Step 3

Take the string and push it through the ends of the cardboard roll. When you are happy with the length, take some scissors and carefully cut the string.

Peanut butter feeder 7

Step 4

Bring the two ends of the string together at the top and tie in a knot. You can then hang the bird feeder horizontally.

Step 5

Place the bird feeder in a location for the birds to enjoy! For example, consider hanging it on a branch, fence or somewhere the birds like to spend time. In our example, we chose a hook near the hedgerow.

Peanut butter feeder 4
  • Use all-natural peanut butter as this is safest for the birds
  • If you have allergy concerns with peanut butter, you can use almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter or suet instead
  • Make sure your cardboard roll is clean and smooth
  • You can create a bird feeder that hangs vertically by punching holes near the top and running the string through the holes. Try making both and see if your birds prefer one design over the other
  • Learn what types of birds live in your garden or visit your balcony and make sure you buy bird seed that is appropriate for them
  • Avoid putting the bird feeder out if heavy rain is forecast

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