Autumn activities
Here we take a look at different activities for you to enjoy outside during this colourful season.

Take a walk

Walk around your local area, observing the changes in nature and gardens. There are also parks and nature reserves all around the country that make for beautiful walks. With a bit of online research you might find some local gems that you weren't aware of.

For instance, there are many apps that help you find good walks in your area - Alltrails is one of many you could try.

Scavenger hunt

Create a scavenger hunt with autumn items you could find – conkers, acorns, coloured leaves etc. You could bring a load of autumn leaves to your garden and hide things underneath for kids to search for.

What would you do with the leaves after? Read our article on what to do with autumn leaves to find out!

Take some photographs

Autumn is a truly stunning time of year to take some photographs. Take your phone or camera out and see what you can find to take a photo of.

Something else you can try is finding a plant and taking a photo every day or every week. It's a fascinating way to capture a plant changing with the season.

You could have some of your favourite photos turned into canvases or cards for your friends with autumn birthdays.

Go pumpkin picking

In the UK, there are farms with fields of pumpkins which allow you to go and choose the perfect pumpkin, whether it's to eat or to decorate for Halloween or you can simply find some in your local supermarket.


Explore some creative writing. You could write a poem about autumn, such as an autumnal haiku. We have a guide to writing a haiku which will help you!

Play with leaves

There's something satisfying about kicking your way through leaves. You could also collect leaves and write messages with them in the grass, take a photo and then share it with your friends and family.

If you take children with you to collect autumn leaves for any use such as making leaf mould, they are likely to enjoy rolling around in the leaves, hiding in them - you name it! You could even play an autumn leaves edition of hide and seek.

Conker joy of autumn

Collect conkers

Going around and collecting conkers is a lot of fun. You can inspect them one by one to find the perfect one. Either one that looks good to place somewhere in your home, or perhaps a strong, dense one if you're going to use it for a game of conkers!

Some say there is the added bonus that conkers keep spiders away for any arachnophobes out there.. although this hasn't been scientifically proven!

Watch the sunset

The good thing about it becoming darker earlier is that you can go out and enjoy the sunset at a more social hour. There is nothing like watching the sunset and marvelling at the colour changes.

Watch a meteor shower

The earlier sunsets also mean you can see meteors in the sky at an earlier time. Find a comfortable place to sit away from light pollution and look at the sky. You can check out this calendar to see when the next meteor shower will be.

Take an online course

Our free Cultivating Wellbeing in Gardens and Nature course shows you the evidence behind why nature is so good for our health and shows you how to spend more time connecting with nature as a tool to restore wellbeing.

You can let us know if you're enjoying the activities and can send us photos to comms@thrive.org.uk.

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