Nature self care
In this article we look at the importance of planning time to connect with nature to help improve our health and wellbeing.

Whilst it is widely acknowledged the value and benefits nature and gardens bring to our own wellbeing, do we really know how to engage with the world around us?

For example, could we consider adopting a similar approach to how we engage with nature in the same way we use a gym membership? This idea of planning the time we spend in nature or in our gardens in the same way we might plan our meals for a diet or a trip to the gym is part of the approach found in Thrive’s Cultivating Wellbeing in Gardens and Nature, an online resource that looks at helping you put your time spent in nature at the forefront of your self-care.

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Why not organise our time in nature the same way we do for other parts of our lives that are intended to support our health and wellbeing? Mental and physical health can be improved by spending time with nature.

The benefits of passive engagement of time spent outdoors or active engagement spent gardening or doing green exercise can be evidenced in a range of studies. However, we are sometimes guilty of putting time spent outside to the bottom of an ever-increasing list of things to do.

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We don’t need to plan in hours and hours every week. Just a few short trips outdoors or even time spent tending houseplants or a window box can really benefit our wellbeing.

As part of Cultivating Wellbeing in Gardens and Nature, we look at how we can support you to identify your own best fit for nature i.e. where you feel most connected with nature and outside spaces. We then help you write your own Health and Wellbeing Plan so that you can look at how and when you will spend your time in nature and/or your garden as part of looking after your health and wellbeing.

Cultivating Wellbeing in Gardens and Nature

Cultivating Wellbeing in Gardens and Nature is a free-to-access online resource to encourage you to use your garden to spend more time connecting with nature as a tool to restore wellbeing and improve your physical and mental health.

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