Origami plant pots
In this guide we show you how to make eco-friendly origami plant pots

If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend that can help improve your garden space, then why not try making some origami pots that can be planted in your garden. These are a great eco-friendly way to give your seeds the best start in life, just in time for spring.

  • Handcrafted, biodegradable pots that turn into compost for the garden and so are better for the environment
  • Great for starting off seeds such as sunflowers, tomatoes, or peas or for potting of young seedlings
  • Fun activity to do which the kids can also get involved in
  • Cheap to make using recyclable materials
  • Can be planted straight into the ground so no pot transfers are needed
  • Easy and space-saving - can be made ahead of time and kept folded to save space
  • This activity is great as everyone can get involved and you can see the success of your efforts in your garden for a long time
  • To make this activity a little easier for the younger ones why not try using an old jam jar or soup tin to wrap the paper round first, creating the same origami pot but with a bit less folding (please see the ‘Making the task easier’ section for instructions on how to do this).
  • Newspaper – any size will do but avoid using newspapers that have toxic ink if growing vegetables as this is not safe. Cut the paper so it is twice as long as it is wide (e.g., 30 cm long x 15 cm wide)
  • Scissors
  • Packet of seeds (optional)
  • Soil (optional)

Step 1

Turn the piece of newspaper so that the short side is facing you.

Step 2

Fold in half, left to right.

Step 3

Fold it again, bottom to top, into a quarter size.

Step 4

Fold it in half again, left to right.

Origami steps 1 4

Step 5

Now fold the bottom right corner (marked with an “A” in Step 4) up to the middle along the spine. The crease in the centre shown by the red line was the bottom in Step 4. See how the “A” has moved up now.

Step 6

Flip it over on the other side and repeat what you did in Step 5.

Step 7

Open the wings up to make a smooth shape as shown in the picture below. Do this to both sides.

Step 8

Fold the wings into the crease in the centre.

Origami steps 5 8

Step 9

Fold them in again.

Step 10

Flip it over and repeat Steps 8 and 9. It should look like the picture for Step 10 as shown below.

Step 11

Fold the top flaps down and crease them well.

Step 12

Now you can open up your pot! Make sure to square the bottom so it can sit well.

Origami steps 9 12

The simpler origami jar or tin can pots can be made as follows:

  1. Take your sheet of paper and fold it almost in half lengthways, leaving a strip about 3cm in width at the top. (Fold that strip down, like folding down the top of an envelope)
  2. Place your jar/can at the bottom of your newspaper with the hole facing up. Make sure the jar/can is hanging over the paper a bit at the bottom as this will help you to remove it later
  3. Roll your paper nice and snugly around the jar/can
  4. When you have finished rolling, tuck the paper into the hole at the top of your jar/can
  5. Flip your jar/can upside down and press down onto it to create a nice seal for the bottom of your pot. Remove the jar/can and voilà!

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