Leaf art
In this guide we will look at how to create a picture of a tree using leaves and twigs. We will also look at other types of leaf art you can try.
  • Gloves
  • Carrier bag
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue (glue stick or PVA)
  • Sticky tape
  • Kitchen towel
  1. Put on your gloves and take a plastic bag outside to start collecting leaves and twigs. Look for bright colours and different shapes that you like
  2. Come back inside and put your leaves and twigs on some kitchen towel. If you do this in the morning, they will be ready in the afternoon
  3. Get your materials ready on the table you'd like to work on. Put down newspaper if you'd like to protect the table from any mess
  4. Draw an outline of a tree that take up the whole of the paper
  5. Apply a good amount of glue on the trunk and then stick on the twigs. If you'd like you can use sticky tape to help keep the twigs in place
  6. Start glueing the leaves and placing them on the tree. Keep going until your tree outline is covered. If you'd like you can add extra layers of leaves and even have leaves falling from the tree
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To create a leaf kebab, simply find a stick and put on some nice leaves you find. You might like to have nice colour patterns, or use different shaped leaves. You can then put it in a pot when you are finished if you'd like to.


Creating your favourite animals using leaves is a lot of fun! Collect some leaves, dry them and then see what you can create! If you'd like something to copy, simply Google 'leaf art animals'.

ephermal art Thumbnail image002 1

Ephemeral means temporary or only lasting a short amount of time. You can collect as many leaves as you'd like and create something on the ground. This can be great as a group activity.

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