In this article, Jason tells us how you can get an unlimited supply of thyme from just a small packet.
  • An easy task that can increase your confidence as a gardener
  • Changing water and checking on plants can provide a routine to help ease the mind
  • Feel a oneness with nature as you grow your own herbs to eat with your meals
  • Some watering cans can be awkward to carry, so choose something you can manage easily. Or use Jason's top tip of making a homemade watering can from a water bottle
  • Make sure there is good access all round for your containers and that you can reach them comfortably and don't have to stretch
  • Only grow an amount that feels manageable for you, so you can enjoy the process of gardening without putting strain on yourself
  • A great simple task to get children into gardening
  • Children can take responsibility for one or two pots which can be very rewarding
  • Children can learn about plants by seeing how the thyme develops roots and how this helps them to grow once potted up
  1. Strip the thyme leaves from the lower 1-2 inches of the stem (the stripped leaves can be used for your next meal!)
  2. Put the thyme into a container or pot with water, avoiding the water touching the leaves of the thyme
  3. Put it on the windowsill to get some sunlight
  4. Change the water every 1 or 2 days

For me personally, this really helps with my mental health because it gives me a routine to do every morning.

  1. After about 10-14 days, you should start to notice some roots appearing
  2. Once the roots have grown well, you can pot it up into some compost
  3. In your pot or container, make holes deep enough for your thyme (use a thin stick or a dibber if preferred)
  4. Put the thyme in the holes, and tidy over with compost
  5. Give it a drink of water

As times goes on you may like to put the thyme into a bigger container. Growing thyme is an enjoyable task that will keep giving back to you whilst making your meals all the more delicious! You can even pot up some thyme and bring it over to a friend as a homemade gift.

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