Pumpkin carving halloween 2
Here you can learn where to buy your pumpkins, how to carve them and some other decorating ideas.
  • Your local supermarket
  • In the UK, there are farms with fields of pumpkins which allow you to go and choose the perfect pumpkin for your design idea. Simply Google search 'pumpkin farm/patch near (enter location)'
Pumpkin carving 3
  1. Prepare your surface with a sheet and something to collect rubbish in, as this can be a messy job
  2. Cut off the crown (top couple of inches) of your pumpkin and put it to one side
  3. Use a large spoon to take the innards out of the pumpkin. You can make use of the seeds by cooking them if you wish to
  4. Use a small marker pen to draw the face on your pumpkin that you would like to carve out
  5. Use a serrated knife to carve around the lines you drew, pointing the knife away from you to be safe. Children may need supervision with this task, or you can do it for them depending on what is appropriate
  6. Put a few tea lights inside! The crown can be returned to the top of the pumpkin and taken off each time you want to light the candles
Pumpkin carving halloween
  • Can't get hold of a pumpkin? Try this method with a butternut squash instead!
  • If you'd prefer not to carve the pumpkin, you can simply draw a face on it as seen above
  • You could carve the face of one of your favourite people or TV characters
  • Instead of carving a face, you can carve words or other artwork
  • You can buy pumpkin decorating kits at your local supermarket which might inspire some more ideas for you
  • You could even fill your hollow pumpkin with ice and use it as a creative cooler for drinking beverages!

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