Hilary Manisty

Hilary applied to be a volunteer with Thrive soon after
she retired. She had learnt of the charity
 after visiting the Thrive Battersea site around 2008 and had kept it in her mind for about ten years until she was able to commit the time and offer her help.

In her working life Hilary was Head of Membership and Business Development for the Chartered Institute of Building, a demanding role linked to the construction profession; very much people focussed. 

Hilary says that "for me, gardening is an absolute passion, there is hardly a day goes by when I don’t engineer the opportunity to spend even a tiny amount of time pottering in our small garden. It brings a balance to my life."

Hilary remarks that Thrive seemed an obvious choice for her – gardening, whilst giving her the opportunity to work with people. She has been at Thrive now for just over a year and she is enjoying every minute;  "Although some would say it’s the volunteer that gives, I would say it’s very much a two-way flow - Thrive and its clients are giving me much joy."

Hilary hopes that by being an Ambassador for Thrive she can work with others to raise the profile of an extremely worthwhile organisation. She says "In my experience it gives those with all manner of needs the opportunity to develop their confidence and learn new skills in a safe environment, hopefully enabling them to find their place in the world."