Hearts and Minds Garden

This garden has been designed and planted for people recovering from a stroke or heart attack.They may be challenged by partial paralysis, reduced mobility, limited vision, loss of sensory capacity and physical weakness.

The garden is designed to accommodate the effects of stroke and encourage gentle exercise to recover health, strength, stamina and co-ordination.

Wheelchair access is important here and paths are 1.2m wide to allow easy movement around the garden. There are two work benches, one for potting, the other a planting table for growing salad, set at the right height for wheelchairs.
There’s a soothing water feature and different height plantings, which bring together ornamental, wildlife-friendly and productive plants. The pergola is important because sunlight can react with the medication many clients are on, so it will offer a much-needed screen.

Click here for more information on gardening after a stroke.