Growth Point Autumn 2016 - In Practice: new mental health project launches in North Norfolk

The Nurture Project, a therapeutic year round garden project, supporting adults living with mental health issues, is launching in the Fakenham area.

The project, which has been supported by Thrive, uses supervised gardening to promote health and wellbeing for people living with mild to moderate mental health issues. It aims to provide an impartial and safe space for adults to improve their mental and physical wellbeing in a friendly, but structured environment.

Carlyn Kilpatrick, founder and coordinator of The Nurture Project said: "It has been a long held view that horticulture has a meaningful therapeutic value, both on a physical and emotional level.

"Horticultural Therapy is an innovative and creative approach to helping people living with mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety or stress.

"Our service provides both one-to-one and group work, and gardening experience is by no means a requirement."
As well the use of gardening tasks and the garden itself, The Nurture Project therapists will also work with a recognised outcome programme model. This will allow the trained therapists to build a set of activities for each client to improve their particular health needs, and to work on clear therapeutic goals.  The project aims to work alongside local mental health teams, together with educators, therapists and facilitators specialising in mental health, as well as client self referrals.

Eddie West-Burnham, CEO of West Norfolk MIND says, "Gardening and Horticultural Therapy provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature and improve the mental and physical health for everyone, regardless of age or level of ability.

"It has the potential to transform lives in so many positive ways, including increased levels of physical activity especially improving strength and flexibility, improved sense of wellbeing, new opportunities for social contact and more besides.

"West Norfolk Mind has had a thriving allotment for six years; over this time we have seen hundreds of people achieve some wonderful outcomes including learning new skills which have improved the chances of finding employment. We look forward to working with Carlyn and The Nurture Project and wish them every success in their new venture."
The Nurture Project is set in tranquil gardens in Kettlestone, three miles east of Fakenham. It is offering a variety of different gardening experiences as well as indoor horticultural workshops.

The project will be accepting new referrals from the beginning of October 2016.

For further information please contact:
Carlyn Kilpatrick, The Nurture Project,