Are you thinking of doing a research study to do with gardening and people with disabilities? Please contact us as we may be able to help.

Our library is at the Geoffrey Udall Centre, Beech Hill, Berkshire, and contains books, journals and videos on all aspects of horticulture and disability.

Members of Thrive are able to book time in the library. Please complete our enquiry form or call 0118 988 5688. To become a member, click here.

Social and therapeutic horticulture: evidence and messages from research by Joe Sempik, Jo Aldridge and Saul Becker was published in 2003 and is a comprehensive literature review which will tell you about what has already been done and where to find more details, and so should help you get started. Copies are available from Thrive Publications.

Data collection on STH projects can be challenging because it’s difficult to find research tools that work well with the range of people with disabilities who come to gardening projects especially those who have communication difficulties. At Thrive we’ve developed new ways to gather data. For example:

  • An activity chart that can be fine-tuned for different client groups and enables you to record changes in social interaction, task engagement and other behaviours that you think are important.
  • A smiley faces sorting activity can help people with communication and learning disabilities respond to questions about their views.
  • Diaries, journals and scrapbooks can also be used to gather information from clients about what matters to them and their experiences.

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