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Come and join our team at Thrive Reading by becoming a volunteer!

Covid update: our regional centres have reopened and are operating with safety measures in place for volunteers, client gardeners, staff and visitors. Please keep this in mind when reading information below.

Our volunteers come to Thrive for many reasons, including a desire to gain further experience or skills, to 'give something back' to the community or to take a step towards employment.

The following volunteering opportunities take place at Thrive Reading which is in Beech Hill.

Corporate volunteering

Leave the world of work for a rewarding and fun day in our gardens!

Thrive has been running its popular corporate volunteering days for years and the feedback reflects how enjoyable they are!

It is so rewarding and fulfilling to help play a part in making a positive difference to the lives of people living with disabilities or ill health.

Find out more about corporate volunteering or to get in touch in with Reading team on 0118 988 4844 or Trunkwell@thrive.org.uk.

Interested in volunteering?

Call us on 0118 988 4844, or email trunkwell@thrive.org.uk