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Hundreds of schools nationwide are being helped to create gardens by Thrive as part of the Tower of London’s Superbloom project.

Superbloom aims to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee by transforming the Tower’s moat into a spectacular display of wildflowers which the public can visit between June and September.

Free seeds are being distributed so schools can join in the celebrations by making their own gardens, offering restful places to promote wellbeing and support pollinators.

As well as guiding schools on the creation of their green spaces, Thrive is devising horticultural lesson plans to fit into the curriculum.

Lifelong connection

The team are creating written resources too, offering step-by-step guides for successful planting.

Thrive is also providing monthly training sessions, including webinars, for teachers so schools are equipped and ready to take part in Superbloom.

Damien Newman, Thrive’s Training and Education Manager, said: ‘Superbloom offers an important opportunity to engage young people in gardening on a national scale.

‘We hope it will promote wellbeing and health among pupils and lead to a lifelong connection with gardening and its many benefits.’

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