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Garden designer and TV presenter Mark Lane is designing a therapy garden to help the recovery of intensive care patients.

The Thrive Ambassador has been commissioned to transform an inner courtyard surrounded by 30m high walls at Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital.

The garden will offer a therapeutic space for patients who spend prolonged periods in the intensive care unit (ICU) rehab centre, as well as a restful and social place which visitors and staff can also enjoy.

Derriford Hospital Tony Atkins Wiki Commons
Plymouth's Derriford Hospital. Photo: Tony Atkins, Wiki Commons

Patients have asked for a green oasis with dashes of colour, scent and seasonal interest, and the planting will include trees offering dappled shade, ferns, ornamental grasses, herbaceous perennials and edibles, to create a lush, woodland in the middle of the building.

The garden’s design will incorporate everyday care considerations such as the space requirements for large hospital beds and the team of staff who look after each ICU patient.

Mark said: 'The staff, family members and volunteers started a garden, but required a full design taking into account the needs of the patients, staff and visitors. We are delighted to be designing this space for current and future patients, staff and visitors.'

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