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Although Thrive’s face-to-face courses have inevitably been cancelled for the immediate future, our training team is busily working on new resources to help keep you equipped.

Soon, we aim to offer webinars, initially focusing on using gardens and nature to recover from mental ill-health. We will also be offering a blended course using our online learning platform to guide learning with opportunities to engage in live online discussion, group activity and tutorial question and answer sessions.

From this autumn, we hope to be launching a Diploma in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture. If you would like to register your interest and receive updates, please email training@thrive.org.uk

Later in the year we also hope to have our first practice communities set up on the Thrive Learn platform. This content will be developed to support practitioners by providing specific guidance and information relevant to different areas, such as mental health and learning disability. We hope the community can begin to be more connected and supportive by engaging in discussion and best practice sharing forums.

Go deeper

Meanwhile, it is still possible for people to complete their Award in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Programme Development if you have accessed a 2-day client specific course since September 2018.

The Award aims to provide an opportunity to gain a deeper learning experience with support from Thrive tutors. The report can be written to reflect on past practice, scope-out a new programme or completed as a theoretical piece. The tutors can help each student gain a learning experience specific to their own journey in STH.

To complete the Award, students study at home with tutorial support and study material provided by Thrive. Students take an 8-week study period (this can be flexible) to complete a 2,000 word report that explores the benefits of STH for a chosen group, put together an STH programme to meet the needs of the group, and then provide a rationale for the use of an assessment method to ensure safe effective practice and measure the impact the programme would create.

The price of the Award in STH Programme Development for a student who has completed a 2-day course is £210 and we can provide a payment plan over the 8 weeks of study.

To apply for the award, click here.

Finally, don’t forget we have a range of engaging online courses for you to access on our Thrive Learn website.

New nature and gardens resource targets better health

Reducing stress and anxiety by connecting to the therapeutic power of gardens and nature is the target of a new resource launched by Thrive.

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