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If you haven’t yet joined Thrive’s Gardening Club, you are missing out on a weekly tonic for wellbeing!

We asked readers how Gardening Club has helped them since it was launched in April:

  • 89% felt it has helped them to improve their physical health
  • 94% felt it has helped them to improve their mental health
  • 76% felt it had helped with providing a sense of community during times of isolation

Reader Alison, a gardening tutor for Mencap in Chelmsford, said: 'An enormous thank you for all the wonderful gardening advice and activities you have provided over this lockdown period.

'Having organisations like yourself has made resourcing my sessions so much easier and the students have loved both the gardening and wildlife aspect to your website.'

Another reader commented: 'Gardening has become my “Happy Hobby” and I'm ok with that! Thank you Thrive for holding my hand on days when I have a bit of a wobble.’

It makes me feel part of something.

Gardening Club reader

Other feedback included: 'It makes me feel part of something. I have always enjoyed my gardening, but it has been a different experience altogether whilst shielding but seeing how others are involved has helped.’

Join the club to receive weekly practical tips and inspiration sent by email for free to help you enjoy the wellbeing benefits of gardening.