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Avocado stone 2 5 months

How to grow an avocado from its stone

If you would like a fun growing experiment, you can try growing your own avocado from a stone. Even if you don't get fruit, it can be an enjoyable experience to try.

Saving seeds main image

Saving seeds

Saving seeds is a wonderful way to get free plants! We look at how to save seeds from a number of popular garden plants.

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Person tying stakes in the garden

Staking and tying in plants

Many plants that grow tall will benefit from being tied to a stake in the ground. We look at which plants could use this support and how to do it.

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Ripe red tomatoes on the vine

Growing tomatoes

Tomatoes are a popular food to grow in the UK. Our guide offers advice on types of tomatoes, how to grow them and some common problems.

Man gardening from a stool, surrounded by plants

Creating an arthritis friendly garden

If you have arthritis, you don’t need to completely overhaul your garden. There are some changes you could make so it is easier to look after your garden.

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Greenhouse growing tomatoes greenhouses direct

Growing in the greenhouse in winter

During the coldest months of the year, you may be able to keep growing in a greenhouse. Find out what to sow each month, along with tips for the winter greenhouse.

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