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There are tools and equipment available that may make gardening easier and more comfortable if you have heart disease.

You might not need any new tools or equipment for your garden.

If you are finding anything tricky, there are plenty of alternatives that may help.

Try tools before buying if possible.

Ergonomic easy grip trowel with arm support
An ergonomic easy grip hand tool

Lightweight tools

Some gardening tools can be quite heavy to handle. Lightweight versions can help reduce possible strain.

Extendable / telescopic tools

Tools that extend can be used sitting or standing. They help you avoid overreaching.

Ergonomic tools

You can find ergonomic versions of many garden tools, particularly hand tools. Many of these have handles designed to reduce strain, making them more comfortable to use.

Search for ergonomic garden tools online

You can also buy add on handles that help make the tools you have more ergonomic. These can be combined with arm support cuffs to keep things steady.

General gardening equipment

Tools to help move things

A bulb planter used to create a planting hole
A bulb planter is used to create a planting hole

If you are doing specific activities, you may find some of these tools and equipment easiest to use.

Digging tools

Seed sowing & planting out

  • Bulb planter. Dig holes for bulbs and smaller plants using less energy than with a spade or trowel. You can find long-handled versions if you want to avoid bending

Your tips

"I found planting much easier using a bulb planter. Not much strength is needed, and they are lightweight next to some trowels." - Participant, Thrive Just 30! Initiative

Watering tools

  • Expanding lightweight hose. Lighter to use than a regular hose.
  • Water butt(s) and standpipes. Place water butts and standpipes at convenient spots around the garden. This reduces how far you need to walk to collect water. Water butts are also good for the environment
  • Watering lance. Useful for reaching hanging baskets or wide beds and borders without strain

Pruning tools

  • Garden snapper / long-handled pruner. A long handle avoids climbing ladders.
  • Telescopic loppers. This is a two-handled tool that can help you prune without overreaching.
  • Cut and hold secateurs. These have a gripping device that locks onto and holds plant stems. They stop pruned material falling to the ground, making it easier to dispose of.

Mowing & edging tools

  • Lightweight electric or battery-powered lawnmower
  • Robot lawn mower. Good for small lawns. The technology has improved, and these can now produce a decent all over mow. As your strength grows, you may feel more able to mow the lawn yourself
  • Lightweight edging shears
  • Grass strimmer. Allows you to edge the lawn from a standing position

Tools for clearing and tidying

Tools for weeding

Sometimes you can pull out weeds by hand. For trickier weeds, you could try:

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