Two people walking outside in autumn
Ahead of Father's Day, we share some ideas for gardening and nature-based fun that you can enjoy doing together.
  • Time in gardens and nature can work wonders for our mental wellbeing - the perfect gift!
  • Spending time looking at and talking about nature provides an opportunity to connect, away from the distractions of technology
  • Supporting wildlife in the garden in turn gives back to you through the enjoyment of a thriving, living outdoor space
A finished apple bird feeder hanging from a branch in the garden
A homemade apple bird feeder in the garden

Take a walk in nature

Taking a walk in nature is a wonderful activity, suitable for all ages. It's an opportunity to reap the benefits of being in nature, while enjoying each others company and stretching your legs.

During your walk, you could talk about the different parts of nature you notice and enjoy. You can adapt these discussions depending on the ages of those on the walk.

Do a garden treasure hunt

Garden treasure hunts are a lot of fun. You can plant clues around the garden, with one leading to the next. These could be written on post-it notes, paper or perhaps little stones.

The father of the family could follow the clues. At the end, the last clue could lead to a card or hidden present.

Make a bird feeder

Making a bird feeder together is something you could do on the morning of Father's Day. After, you could sit in the garden and enjoy seeing what birds come to eat the meal you have made for them!

Many bird feeders are quick and simple to make. You can find a guide to a simple apple bird feeder here.

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