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A number of our gardening guides are available to view and download in easy read format. Find them here.
  • Being active. Gardening activities help us move our bodies
  • Feeling good. Time with plants and nature can help us feel calm and happy
  • Connecting with others. Gardening can be social. You can work together and talk about what you're doing

We have created a number of Easy Read guides for gardening activities. You may find these helpful if you have any learning disabilities. You may like to read through them with a friend or family member.

Sowing small seeds in trays

This guide can help you sow small seeds like cress and tomato in trays.

Sowing small seeds in trays PDF

Sowing large seeds

This guide can help you sow large seeds like sunflowers and broad beans.

Sowing large seeds PDF

Pricking out

This guide can help you move plants from a seed tray into individual pots.

Pricking out PDF

Potting on

This guide can help you move young plants from a small pot to a bigger pot.

Potting on PDF

Planting out

This guide can help you move plants from pots into your garden.

Planting out PDF

Thrive courses and workshops

Are you using gardening to help support others? You may be interested in our courses and workshops. These range in level from those starting out in STH to experienced practitioners.

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