Get Gardening

At Thrive we know the very real benefits that can be gained from gardening by anyone with a disability, and this free CD, recorded and produced with help from RNIB, aims to inspire newly diagnosed blind and partially sighted people to continue working in and enjoying their garden.

The CD tells you about the National Blind Gardeners' Club and has accounts from blind gardeners who share their experiences, tips and techniques and their passion for gardening.

Mark from Norwich who has had sight problems since childhood, and completely lost his sight 10 years ago:
I think that the greatest difference gardening has made to me is that it has enabled me to gain a skill, through Thrive, to not only put produce on my plate but also get a tremendous sense of achievement.

With failing vision, it's helped me through probably quite a difficult time and I think it's just given me such a huge interest that I don't quite know what else I would have done with a lot of my time. 

Marian, who has had malignant myopia from birth and also had macular degeneration from the age of 18, tells us what gardening means to her:

Gardening is one of my greatest pleasures, not for the final result - because I can't see that - but because of the creativity, the picture I see in my mind, and because of the sense of handling life and bringing health to something potentially beautiful.

To request a copy of the free CD for yourself, or for a visually impaired friend or relative, contact our Information Service or call us on 0118 988 5688.

The CD will be available while stocks last.

Alternatively, you can write to us: National Blind Gardeners’ Club, Thrive, The Geoffrey Udall Centre, Beech Hill, Reading RG7 2AT.