Gardening can help you feel better

Research shows that gardening for people with mental health problems can improve communication with others, help with learning new practical skills/teamwork and planning. It also improves confidence and helps with concentration.

Gardening really can change the way you feel.

Ask any gardener why they enjoy gardening and many will say that it "makes them feel good".

To highlight how gardening could help improve your emotional wellbeing, we have produced leaflet called Gardening: The Feel Good Factor. This explains how gardening can help you feel happier, healthier and more confident and gives ideas to get you started. It is aimed at people who may be going through a difficult period in their lives or are experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression.

The leaflet has a wealth of information including our top five tips: 

  • Gardening is great physical exercise and gets you out in the fresh air
  • You can work at your own pace and get a sense of achievement from the results
  • Regular gardening can bring a new structure to your life
  • Joining a gardening club helps you meet new people
  • Gardening is fun and allows you to express your creativity.

    To get a free copy of the leaflet, download a pdf version or contact us on 0118 988 5688 for a printed copy.

    If you are interested in setting up your own community gardening project for people affected by mental ill health, CLICK HERE for our guide.

    Thrive works with people who have mental ill health and can offer places in Berkshire, London and Birmingham. Please call us on 0118 988 5688 or e-mail.