Gardening after a stroke

gardening for hearts and minds

Gardening at home can be a good way to get your life back after a stroke or if you are living with heart disease. Thrive’s gardening for hearts and minds guide gives practical and helpful gardening advice and was created with funding from the Department of Health, and advice from The Stroke Association and British Heart Foundation.
It shows how just 30 minutes of gardening a day can help support rehabilitation and recovery for people affected by heart disease and stroke.

You can download a free copy as a pdf HERE.

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Please go the online shop and complete the order process or email the Information Service and ask for details, or please call us on 0118 988 5688.

Professor Roger Boyle, National Director for Heart Disease and Stroke, Department of Health, said: "I am very pleased that Thrive has published this guide to set out the benefits of gardening as a means of rehabilitation. I am sure it will help many people at all stages of their recovery and irrespective of the size of their gardening space."

Thrive’s gardening for hearts & minds interactive video shows 9 activities from the guide, which have been specifically developed for people with Aphasia. Stroke is the most common cause of aphasia in the UK. It is estimated that a fifth of all stroke survivors will experience some degree of Aphasia after their stroke every year.

Click here to watch the videos

Thrive’s pod casts show 3 activities from the guide. Click here to view podcasts.

To download a copy of the guide:
Section 1: Welcome and introduction, level 1 activities including advice on getting started and how to sow seeds.

Section 2: Level 2 activities to get you outside including planting containers, planting outside, deadheading, pruning and cutting back.

Section 3: How to tackle garden maintenance jobs such as weeding, raking and mowing.

Section 4: Seasonal activity calendar, tips and garden tools, contact details of organisations which may be of use, acknowledgements.

Carry on Gardening website

There is additional information and advice on gardening after a stroke and with heart disease on our Carry On Gardening website.

To find out more about the programmes Thrive is currently offering for stroke survivors, or if you are a professional who would like training in this area, please get in touch on 0118 988 5688 or email.