Friend of Thrive

Regular donations are the steady life-blood of the charity and are highly valued. 

Knowing that there is an ongoing band of loyal supporters mean we can plan client gardener activities ahead and rely on the finances enabling these to do ahead.

Mike from Harrow has been a supporter since 2008 buying Christmas cards, donating when he could and even helping to fundraise a couple of times. 

In 2015 he decided to become a Friend of Thrive by signing up to donate monthly by Direct Debit. It is simple and safe to do and we're here to help you all the way.

Whilst Mike appreciates that, thanks to his support, Thrive is able to help even more client gardeners, just like Sam who is pictured here, he also says it brings back memories of his mother who absolutely loved gardening just like he does.

Becoming a 'Friend of Thrive’ couldn’t be simpler.
Click here to sign up for safe, secure giving by Direct Debit on-line  or call our Fundraising Team on 0118 988 5688 to request a form and reply-paid envelope.