Consultancy Case Study - Hallmark

Hallmark Care Homes, England and Wales

Since 2010, Thrive have supported Hallmark Care Homes to reconceptualise and reinvigorate their outdoor spaces to improve the lives of residents across England and Wales.

Damien Newman, Thrive’s national Training and Education Coordinator has worked with Hallmark for a number of years. Together they have created a service package that supports the organisation’s vision of improving access to therapeutic 'green care’:

Historically in care homes, the outside space hasn’t been given primary importance. Residents are often looked after inside the home and it can be hard to encourage residents, and their carers, to go outside. The outside spaces often aren’t as attractive as they could be and there are many issues of access.

'Over the years, working and learning with Thrive, we have started to understand how to create good access to gardens and also how to make gardens attractive. This includes having meaningful activities for residents to do. Whether they are actively getting involved or passively watching, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about understanding the therapeutic values of the outdoor space.'

– Avnish Goyal, Managing Director, Hallmark Care Homes


Hallmark in Bloom

In order to promote a deeper understanding of the therapeutic benefits of gardens and help staff translate these ideas into reality, Damien currently provides direct support to Hallmark as part of the annual 'Hallmark in Bloom’ festival. This ensures year-on-year progression and that the use of the gardens improves as they mature.

After initial yearly plans are submitted, each homes are given guidance and support to implementing their plans. Damien then visits each of Hallmark’s care homes during the festival, which is held in the summer. He consults with staff in the homes, meets the residents, and provides both verbal advice on the day and written recommendations subsequently. All of this is further supported by training which is delivered to the Hallmark Care Homes team.

'Thrive’s input over the past 5 years has been invaluable. The garden spaces are now a natural part of life for our residents and working with Thrive has really accelerated this process. Damien gives the team valuable feedback, tips and ideas, and his depth of understanding makes him a real expert'

– Avnish Goyal, Managing Director, Hallmark Care Homes

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Summary of consultancy services

    Over the years, Thrive’s work with Hallmark Care Homes has included:

    • Training to promote and enable access to gardens and gardening in care homes
    • Consulting with the Hallmark design team
    • Creation of a best practice guide
    • On-going consultancy, support and advice as part of the 'Hallmark in Bloom’ festival

    All of the work has focused on the value of engaging residents in gardens and nature.


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