Community Gardening

Lucy Morrell and two ladies at Blind gardening weekend summer 2008 credit Caroline Nieuwenhuys
Sight loss affects over 2 million people in the UK. Sadly, many are faced with disadvantage and social exclusion. But community gardening has to power to change all this - more than one third of all people with sight loss list gardening as their number one hobby.

The Royal Horticultural Society, the UK's leading gardening charity, and Thrive have collaborated to assist with including gardeners who have sight loss into community gardening groups. A guide, called Gardening for All, has been produced to enable community gardening groups to feel confident in welcoming gardeners who are blind or partially sighted to participate in their activities.

To receive your free copy of Gardening for All, please download the guide or contact Thrive on 0118 988 5688.

"When you lose your sight, there are so many things that you can't do, but gardening is something that you CAN do; Thrive can show you how."

"I'm a gardener who happens to be blind, and I'm determined to enjoy my gardening."

"Thrive is a definite 'go between' for people who have been isolated by sight loss and are keen to still participate in their passion for gardening."