Anna Piper Nye

Anna specialised in Marketing before getting married and having children. Once her children were both at school she wanted to find a charity that she could help which was local, felt right and was a great cause, but would not require a full-time commitment. Thrive fitted all these criteria and quite a few years later, still does!

Anna approached Thrive and was asked to help join the fundraising committee for an event at Battersea Power Station for a sizeable dinner/entertainment/auction event; she was then asked if she would like to get more involved going forward,which she was very pleased to be able to do. 

"I’m honoured to be a Thrive Ambassador. I don’t think there’s any point being part of something unless I can make a positive contribution. Being an Ambassador to me means helping with fundraising opportunities in any way I can (ideas, organising, networking, looking for fundraising opportunities for Thrive and holding events); always having Thrive as the most important charity in my mind and promoting it wherever possible; and personally contributing financially to the Friend programme each month, knowing every penny makes a difference."