Quality assurance

Cultivating Quality takes a systematic look at what you presently do, and will help decide exactly where improvements are needed. It intends to help you to plan, budget and allocate the necessary resources for making improvements over a realistic time period.

Our quality system can be applied to the full range of projects no matter what its focus, however large or small, whether in the statutory or voluntary sector. We recognise that horticultural projects are known for their variety, independence, conscience and their drive to change things for the better.

Cultivating Quality seeks to reflect these values while also giving practical tools to help organisations improve what they do.

If you would like more information to see if Cultivating Quality can help you, have a look at our frequently asked questions, where we give the answers to questions about our scheme.

Cultivating Quality costs £138.50 to members of Thrive.  For non-members, the cost is £168.50 and includes membership of Thrive.  

You can purchase your copy in the Thrive Shop, or download the application form.

To find out more, and for details of the support on offer please contact the Information Service on 0118 988 5688 or email us.